State of affairs of different Iron & Steel Mills in India (from April 2014 onwards)

  • JSW - As a whole performing best amongst all, despite Iron oreavailability problem still continuing.
  • JSPL - Stable, although project work speed yet to come to full swing.
  • Bhushan Group - To improve.
  • SAIL- Going steady with no specific improvement
  • TISCO - Steady working, yet inferior to plants in China, Japan and Korea on Energy and Mass consumption!
  • Others - With EAF route just crossing breakeven.
  • Induction route plants- Grim situation.
  • Ferro Alloys - Not bad
  • Power - Setbacks all over for want of coals; except plants run on waste heat boilers and surplus gases.
  • Gross Energy Consumption - Only little improvement, from 7.2 Giga calories down to 7.0 Giga calories! JSW being around 6.2 Giga calories( to be re-confirmed).   China average 4.2 giga calories, with World average 4.4 G.Cal.
  • Any new project: None, although many are on anvil!
  • NECO group; likely to commence production at their SMS 2 and RM 3 by March 2015!
  • Despite good projected demand, any new ISP hardly taking off!
  • Present Steel Demand: 90 Million Tons/Annum!
  • Present Production: 77 Million Tons/Annum!
  • Future: ROSY!
  • Government Policy on Mining: Blockade on both Iron Ore and Coal Mining following scams is still continuing! Hope, Supreme Court comes out fast on policies for Mines allotments or Mining?
  • STATUS of Mr. S.N.Singh the founder of this site: Joins CERI (Capital Engineering & Research Institute, China also known as MCC Capital) as Chief adviser; India (From 15th June, 2014 onwards).